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The Indian aviation industry is one of the fastest growing aviation industries in the world. Today, private airlines account for about 75 per cent share of the domestic aviation market. India is the 9th largest aviation market in the world. Domestic airlines flew 3.67 million passengers in August 2009—an increase of 25 per cent. It is predicted that international passengers will grow up to 50 million by 2015. Further, due to enhanced opportunities and international connectivity, 69 foreign airlines from 49 countries are flying into India.

India ranks fourth after US, China and Japan in terms of domestic passengers volume. The domestic aviation sector is expected to grow at a rate of 9-10 per cent to reach a level of 150-180 million passengers by 2020. The industry witnessed an annual growth of 12.8 per cent during the last 5 years in the international cargo handled at all Indian airports.In the present scenario around 12 domestic airlines and above 60 international airlines are operating in India The growth of airlines traffic in Aviation Industry in India is almost four times above international average Aviation Industry in India have placed the biggest order for aircrafts globally.

Aviation Industry in India holds around 69% of the total share of the airlines traffic in the region of South Asia India and China are growing between 8 and 10% each year. By 2020, Indian airports are estimated to handle 100 million passengers Including 60 million domestic passengers Cargo in the range of 3.4 million tonnes per annum Total domestic passengers carried by the scheduled domestic airlines between January and April 2013 were 20.289 million The air transport (including air freight) in India has attracted foreign direct investment (FDI) worth US$ 449.26 million from April 2000 to march 2013.

Airlines are expected to add around 370 aircrafts, worth US$ 27.5 billion, to their fleet by the year 2017.Moreover, it is estimated that commercial fleet size would reach 1, 000 by 2020 from 400 today, and 1, 000 General aviation aircrafts by 2020 including fleet renewal. Estimated investment requirement for the General aviation aircraft’s alone is to the tune of US$ 4 billion.